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The Somatic Healing™ Program for Injury, Pain and Disease
 Are you ready to learn how to heal the underlying causes of illness that live in the subconscious mind?
The Golden Sun process is an energy channeling method that is both easy to learn and extremely effective.
Alchemical Healing is an advanced methodology for exploring and clearing the underlying causes of disease in the subconscious mind.

Hypnotic Movement is a process of tuning into you body and allowing it to move in its own unique way to unwind physical traumas (like auto injuries), reduce swelling and inflammation (sciatica and arthritis), and eliminate pain.

Color Healing involves discovering the colors of a pain in the body and learning easy ways to move that color out of the body through exit points (like acupuncture points) that your body can readily identify for you. Especially powerful for headaches, as well as any chronic pain.

The Inner Healer is a powerful inner guide who can give us medical advice, and will perform spiritual surgery on our bodies in class to remove tumors, repair the bones, muscles and internal organs of our bodies.

You will experience at least 4 opportunities for a healing process throughout the weekend. Even better, you will learn how to use these methods every day to heal your body. And if you have a practice in the counseling or healing arts, you will learn how to multiply your effectiveness with clients. Continuing education units are available for nurses, psychotherapists, and hypnotherapists.

Your instructor, David Quigley, knows what he is talking about. In 1978, David was crippled with rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, severe food, pollen, and dust allergies,chronic lung disease, and multiple chemical sensitivity. Using these methods he not only restored his health, but is now a rock climber/mountaineer in his free time. David has extensive training in clinical hypnosis, NLP, Gestalt and primal therapy, and a host of other modalities. David has been in practice for 28 years.

Hypnotic Movement

Somatic Healing 3

Hypnotic Movement is a technique in which the muscles of the body are instructed to move themselves without conscious direction or control in order to release old traumas, restore flexibility, eliminate pain, and promote healing. Once a client experiences these unique and powerful movement patterns in their body, they can learn to perform these simple exercises on their own in order to exponentially increase the healing power of these movements. Hypnotic movement techniques are based on the ancient principle that our bodies already know how to heal themselves. All we must do is persuade the conscious mind to step aside and let the body do it. That's why all these movements require a light hypnotic trance in order to by-pass normal conscious controls. These movements may involve some supportive touch. That is, the therapist may hold the client's body in a twisted position that the body has assumed on it's own, to help the client relax in that position. They may involve therapeutic touch, in which the therapist directly channels healing energy to the client's body. Although therapeutic touch and supportive touch are helpful to somatic healing, they are not usually essential to its success.

Healing Accident Injuries

The first type of hypnotic movement useful primarily for accident victims is running traumas in the body. This is essentially a kind of hypnotic regression in which the client returns to the scene of a violent accident, and the muscles and connective tissue & internal organs of the body re-live and move through the original trauma. But this time the client goes through the experience very slowly, and completely free of pain. Then, when the client's body reaches the moment of actual injury (referred to as Maximum Scrunch) the client is instructed to hold this position. As awkward-indeed impossibly uncomfortable-as the position may appear to an observer, the client in this position feels pain free. In fact, the client may feel incredibly relaxed and experience waves of blissful tingling or pulsing as the body accepts this position as safe and stress-free. At this point the therapist may wish to support the body so that the muscles can relax in this position. Afterwards the body may move to another position of "Maximum Scrunch" (i.e. point of injury) for a few more minutes. Slowly the body finishes "unwinding" its way through the entire accident, then relaxes into a prone position again. I ask the body to signal to the client when it's "done", and the client relays this signal to me by nodding their head. This process is frequently, but not always, accompanied by vivid recollection of the accident scene, emotional reactions such as groans or tears, or by intense sensations of tingling and warmth in the affected body parts. The one sensation rarely reported to me is pain.

Repetitive Strain Injuries and Joint Pain


Another type of hypnotic movement is useful for repetitive strain injuries, like the infamous carpal tunnel syndrome. Because these injuries are the result of holding or moving the body in awkward positions for years rather than the results of a single trauma, the movement involved in healing is different. A variation of this technique can also be applied to any kind of joint pain- arthritis, rheumatism, etc. I first suggest that the clients body move into the position in which it first became "frozen." For carpel tunnel, I may have the client's wrist poise over an imaginary computer keyboard in just the way the stress injury was created. Then I hold the wrist stable in that position with my hands so the wrist can simply relax into that position. Intense crying may begin as the job-related stress is released. (One client reported: "I suddenly felt supported for the first time in that horrible job!") Or the wrist may start pulsing, trembling, or turning very warm. All of these are positive signs that the somatic healing process is working. I'll continue to hold the wrist in this position until all symptoms have subsided. Then I instruct the client's wrist to stretch and twist out the pain in its own unique way. This circular stretching may involve muscles from the shoulder down to individual fingers. The therapist's instructions must be general enough to allow the client's body to move freely without limitations imposed by the therapist's or the client's preconceived notions of how it should look. Sometimes this vigorous stage of the stretch can include the expression of anger (often work-related) that is stored in the affected joint(s). Again, the body signals to the client when the process is complete.



Color Healing is the next technique of Somatic Healing. I give the client instructions in trance that the area of pain, illness or swelling is filled with a unique color, the color of that illness or pain. Then I suggest that their body will identify an exit point through which the color will leave the body.

The Somatic Healing Workshop

San Francisco, CA. May 19th to 20th - ONE TIME ONLY

Registration Information

May 19 - 20

2-day Somatic Healing

Presented by: David Quigley – Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis  Director  
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. each day

Option 1: Early bird price ($359 by May 4th)

Option 2: Non-early bird price  ($400 after May 4th)

 MAY 19-20, 2012 
HOLIDAY INN, BURLINGAME (near SFO Airport) 9am to 6:30pm
Optional CERTIFICATION (add $35)
Earns 17 hours CEU's for Nurses, Therapists, Massage Therapists, Hypnotherapists & others.

Special Room Rates: $99 + tax includes breakfast. To reserve your room call 
650-347-2381. Be sure to mention Silvawest to qualify for the special rates.


415 788 3976 or 415 260 7618


Call anytime should you have questions. David and I truly look forward to meeting you and having you join the next class.


David Quigley

David Quigley, Director
Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis
567-A Summerfield Rd.
Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Allen Goldman,CHT
420 Pope Street
San francisco, CA 94112

415-412-5025, 415-788-3976

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